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This time of year is always a tuff time for Tradie’s and their cash flow.

Many job sites close over the Christmas/New Year period and just as many business ‘forget’ to pay their bills which means Tradie’s are often left short as all that work they did before Christmas won’t be paid until the businesses go back to work. Often this isn’t until mid to late January.

Then when the Tradie calls up to chase the invoice they are owed, they are given the runaround, ‘the accounts person is still on leave’, ‘that will be paid in the next payment run’ etc

Unfortunately I see too many Tradie’s and their families suffer because of this. For any small business cash flow can be a constant juggle and when Christmas/New Year period hits it often hits the hardest.

The problem is once you do finally get your invoices paid (in February if you are lucky) you are then playing catch up for what seems like eternity and before you know it Christmas is knocking on the door again and you promise yourself not to go through the same stress as the last. Unfortunately though if you haven’t done anything different to the past year the chances are you will have the same result.

How do you make it different to last year? How do you make sure you and your family aren’t stressed because your invoices for all your hard work weren’t paid on time?

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