Debt Collection: How to get your money in your bank account without the stress

Every business goes through a phase or phases where they have clients who are slow payers or clients who decide not to pay at all. It is stressful and puts a huge strain on you and your business.

So how can we save you having transactions declined when it isn’t your fault?

– Make sure your provide your clients with a written quote detailing what is included in the job and also what is excluded from your quoted price.

– Ensure you have the clients full details – Full Name, Address, Site Address, Contact Name (if different from the person paying the bill),contact numbers (mobile and landline) and email address.

– Don’t start the job before your client has accepted the quote either electronically or you have their signature on your quote.

– Did the client want extras/variations to the original quote? You must put these in writing and have the client sign of on these too.

– Do not proceed with any extras even if the client is in a hurry, without the client signing off on the extra work. This is the biggest area where Tradie’s get caught out.

– Complete the job. I know that sounds obvious but make sure you have completed the job so that the client has nothing to complain about.

– Invoice the client immediately or if that isn’t possible within 24 hours of finishing the job.

– If your client hasn’t paid by the due date get don’t wait to follow them up. Email or call them with a polite reminder.

– Most importantly keep calm through this entire process. Although it is frustrating you will not do yourself any favours by getting agro with your client.

By following these steps you can drastically reduce the number of clients that are slow or late payers. Not following them up will not make them pay any quicker. The squeaky wheel gets the oil.

If you don’t enjoy making these follow-up calls contact Katie at Efficient Tradie or call on 0424151056 and we can take over this process for you.

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