Business Can Be Tough and So Can I It Seems

Recently a client of mine told me I had been tough on him with regards to his bookkeeping and getting his business in order.

I was shocked, a little lost for words, and all I could manage to get out was ‘pardon?’ The client repeated it again ‘ If you hadn’t been tough on me’ and then he added ‘the business wouldn’t be where it is today’.

‘Oh ok, thanks I think’ was the best reply I could manage.tough

I finished up my work and went on my way. It took a few days of thinking about this conversation and then bringing it up with my client when I saw him as I felt bad that I had been ‘tough’. Until the second chat I didn’t realise that my toughness was making sure he uploaded his receipts to Receipt Bank each week and keeping our monthly meetings so we could look at the number of his business meant that he was in a position to purchase another business.

It also allowed him to move into a new factory, hire a factory manager and employ another staff member. He was thankful for my toughness. It was at that point I realised that keeping Tradie’s on track with their bookkeeping, being tough when the Tradie was slipping back into bad habits that got him in trouble in the first place was changing their lives.

I believe that Tradie’s can learn to love the numbers of their business and that they can understand the numbers without being overwhelmed, confused or even bored.

Now I proudly tell my prospective clients that I can and will be ‘tough on them’ when it is needed.

If you aren’t ready for someone to be tough on you then I’m not for you now.

If you are a Tradie who wants to change, who wants to get your bookkeeping finally sorted out and is ready to learn how to do it better, then I can help you.

I can be contacted on 0424151056 or feel free to email me


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