Bills, Bills, Bills


We are nearing the end of January and the cash flow is tight and the bills keep rolling in.

How do you get the bills paid on time and still have money left over for yourself?

It isn’t the most exciting answer but getting organised helps.

Here is a simple sheet which you can use to write down all your regular bills and expenses. You can also write the date of the month it is due. I use this sheet for myself and my clients. I also circle the renewal date in red so that you know when it is time to review that bill. Especially useful for bills such as insurance which you should your review each year.

This can be a 15 minute exercise.

If you would rather put a nail through your finger than sit down and write this out then feel free to contact Katie 0424151056 or via email and we can either do it for you or with you.

Click Here to download your bills summary sheet.

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